Saturday, March 23, 2013

Carrot for Health Benefits

Carrot for Health Benefits - Carrot is a very useful plant. This plant is easy to be encountered in traditional markets to modern markets. the price is cheap and it tastes good makes carrots many sought. one of them made ​​juice. but do you know the benefits contained in carrots?.

\ Carrots For Health Benefits include:
Carrot for Health Benefits
Carrot for Health Benefits

  • Carrot for Prevent Cancer. Falcarinol Content contained in carrots is a compound that can prevent cancer as well as anti-cancer compounds.
  • Can be Healthy Skin. Vitamin A contained in carrots is able to nourish and brighten your skin (see the benefits of vitamin A). In addition, carrots are also able to eliminate the black spots or commonly referred to as black spots on the face.
  • Carrot for Maintain Healthy Eyes. Carrots are well known to maintain eye health, vitamin A contained in carrots is very good for eye health.
  • Creating Youth. Beta carotene contained in carrots is to function as an antioxidant that can help our body to fight the negative effects of free radicals. For that carrots are very well taken to avoid some diseases.
  • Carrot for Able to Prevent Stroke. There was a study proved that carrots can reduce the risk of stroke. Quite simply by eating carrots every day as much as 6 pieces. For those who rarely eat carrots, maybe this will be heavy.
  • Carrots are also useful to reduce kloesterol, drinking water grated / carrot juice and then drink every day routine. To lower cholesterol, carrots water consumption must be routine.
  • Carrot for Preventing Heart Disease, because carrots are very beneficial for lowering cholesterol, the carrots can also prevent heart disease.